Bisbee Plein Air Fest 2019

Paintings from the Bisbee Plein Air Fest in October 2019. Always a nice event! So many great subjects to paint, wonderful history, awesome people. Painted three that I liked. Thank you, Central School Project and everyone who makes this event happen.

Only the mine headframe painting, “What’s Above What’s Below,” is still available!

Each year the authenticating stamp changes to signify that each piece is created on site during the allowed time. I always ask for it on the front of my paper so it’s visible. It’s a fun reminder of which event a piece is created. This year it’s a little bird. 

Painting with Tucson Plein Air Painters on Mt. Lemmon

russ, laurie, joyceCold! And constantly changing light made this a tough day to paint. It was just amazing to be out, though. This cool in MAY is a treat. Thanks to Russ Recchion for being the demo artist for the day. This was the last paint out of the year for TPAPS. The next season begins in October, so watch the site for the new schedule.

Looking for folks to host paint outs at your favorite site, so let me know. It’s pretty easy, put up signs, get people to sign in and take a couple of snapshots for Facebook. Paint in between. What’s your fave place that you would share with kindred souls?